Call for Papers

2020 Combined Sections Meeting (CSM)

Steps and Instructions:

  1. Section

    Choose the section that is most closely related to your submission content. The following sections will require a Sub-Section selection: Neurology, Orthopaedics, and Sports.
  2. Title

    Enter a title for your abstract. Titles are limited to a maximum of 15 words.
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  4. Disclosure

    Presenting authors must complete a disclosure indicating whether there is any potential for material gain, bias, conflict of interest, or proprietary interest.
  5. References

    Provide a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 current bibliographic references which are no more than 10 years old. Limit to those materials that demonstrate integrated evidence.
  6. Abstract Text

    Provide your abstract text. Each abstract program requires certain content headings that must be included in the abstract text. Each heading must be following by a colon.

    Research Report

    Case Studies

    Special Interest Report

    Theory Report

    Materials and Methods:
    Clinical Relevance:
    Background and Purpose:
    Case Description:
    Summary of Use:
    Importance to Members:
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Research reports are presentations of original scientific data collected by the author(s). Any established research format, both experimental and non-experimental designs, may be used. Scientific research requires the design of a study, collection of samples, measurement of variables, analysis of data, and presentation of the results.

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Case studies are case descriptions that include background and purpose. A presentation and discussion of outcomes, as well as references, should also be included.

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Special interest reports are presentations of unique and innovative concepts, ideas, devices, or products developed to meet the special needs of physical therapy. Emphasis should be on the unique and innovative nature of the concept or idea presented. All reports must contain data or evaluative information either collected or developed by the author(s) that address the idea, concept, device, or product presented. Reports that are limited to a "proposed" idea, concept, device, or product are not appropriate for submission and will not be allowed for presentation.

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Theory reports are presentations of a theory, idea, concept, or model that describes a foundation for the practice of physical therapy.

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