Call for Educational Sessions

2019 NEXT Conference & Exposition

Steps and Instructions:

  1. Category

    • Choose the category that is most closely related to your submission content.
  2. Title & Session Info

    • Enter a session title - titles are limited to a maximum of 15 words.
    • Choose a presentation type - educational session or preconference course.
    • Indicate a content level - basic, intermediate, or advanced.
    • Describe the overall purpose of the session using a maximum of 200 words.
    • Affirm originality of work or copyright permissions for all graphs, charts, and photographs.
    • Indicate the total number of content minutes that are related to differential diagnosing (evaluative procedures).
    • Select which interactive teaching methods will be used to facilitate participant learning.
    • Indicate which measures or methods will be used to assess attendee learning.
    • Choose the appropriate audience for the session.
  3. Session Outline

    Provide a detailed outline for the proposed session. Include the topics and activities that will be covered, beginning and ending times for each component, and indicate times for lunch and/or breaks where applicable.
  4. Learning Objectives

    Enter between 1 and 4 Learning Objectives for the proposed session. Refer to Bloom's Taxonomy when composing your Learning Objectives. Learning Objectives should finish the statement, "Upon completion of this session, attendees will be able to..." and should use measurable verbs such as "Explain," "Describe," "Design," "Apply," etc. Each Learning Objective needs to be addressed by the speaker during the course of the presentation.
  5. References

    Provide a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 current bibliographic references which are no more than 10 years old. Limit to those materials that demonstrate integrated evidence.
  6. Speakers

    Enter details of the primary (corresponding) speaker and any co-speaker(s). Speaker name, email address, organization name and organization city/state are required.
  7. Disclosures

    Each speaker must complete a disclosure indicating whether there is any potential for material gain, bias, conflict of interest, or proprietary interest.
  8. Confirmation

    Submitters will have a chance to look over the submission to make sure all items are complete. Upon submitting the confirmation step, an automatic email message will be sent containing the unique retrieval link assigned to the submission. Submissions may be viewed or modified at any time before the deadline.
  9. Assistance

    Technical Support

    For help with submitting a session online, email Tech Support.

    Other Questions?

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